About WAC

What is WAC?

The Wayanad Art Cloud (WAC) is an independent non-profit art space – a gallery, a forum, a research lab, a contact zone, an exchange place – where artists, designers and communities work together and find new ways and possibilities to exchange and to go public.

The Wayanad Art Cloud believes in art as a powerful agent capable to contribute to real life problems and overall human conditions. It stands for an extended notion of art and an open minded attitude including arts, crafts and creative activities – developed from within concrete life contexts. Art is understood as a tool to working realities, to act positively in real situations.

The Wayanad Art Cloud builds essentially upon collaboration, exchange participation and sharing. The cloud is an emblem for the move to work together with different cultural, economic, artistic and other background.

Who is WAC?

The Wayanad Art Cloud is run by an international cooperative of creative people and supported by a circle of friends and partners.

WAC is closely linked with Uravu Eco Links Ltd., a company implementing programms for sustainable development, sustainable construction and eco-friendly community tourism in rural areas, and Foa-Flux, an independent research venture on art in global contexts.

Where is WAC?

The Wayanad Art Cloud works, networks, collaborates and spins with arts and through arts locally, globally, physically, and digitally. The gallery space and related activities are located in Thrikkaipetta village in Wayanad District, Kerala State, South India.

If you are interested in purchasing an artwork, please send us an e-mail to wayanadartcloud@gmail.com